Compliance Monitoring & Learning Solution

Simplify Your Compliance Management & Training

Why Choose CMLS?

Our CMLS offers you an all-inclusive tool to cover your firm’s compliance requirements, allowing users to access all the necessary information in one easy-to-access place. From training to attestations, calendarized monitoring programmes, approval and open registers, risk assessments and reporting, our CMLS simplifies your compliance processes across the board, helping you remain compliant without exceeding costs.

Our portal’s user-friendly and automated monitoring and reporting features facilitate the quick and efficient fulfilment of your regulatory obligations, therefore reducing your risk and any associated costs. Additionally, our CMLS improves your organisation’s operational resilience by providing a single source for all compliance-related activities and streamlining the reporting process.

Via our CMLS, you will receive the best of both worlds.

Your compliance training needs will be covered by the London Governance & Compliance Academy’s (LGCA) Compliance Learning Solution (CLS), while ComplyPortal's Regulatory Compliance Management Solution will take care of your monitoring and reporting obligations.

ComplyPortal’s Regulatory Compliance Management Solution

Built by Compliance experts, ComplyPortal’s main features & advantages include:

Ready-to-Use Monitoring Templates

Flexible Configuration Options for Bespoke Needs

Powerful Workflow Automation

Reports & Audit Trail Logs

Access from Any Device

Scheduled Notifications & Reminders for Your Team

ComplyPortal Includes a Standard
Core Suite of Modules Covering:


A calendarised, audit-driven approach to take the burden out of your compliance monitoring programme


Manage staff attestations without fuss


Send requests to gather information from users outside of your organization.


Effectively manage enterprise-wide risk with a full risk assessment


Authorize requests and keep track of workflows


Attest, archive, and review policies, meeting minutes and more


Permission based access control. Siloed registers online and accessible anywhere


Assign and manage responsibilities


As a leading RegTech provider, ComplyPortal and our team of Compliance specialists can provide you with up-to-date Compliance Templates for all our modules. Every one of our Templates from our Compliance library is created, managed and updated by our experts to meet all relevant regulation requirements. Meaning that when there is a regulation change or a new regulation approaches, ComplyPortal will assess these to make sure all of our templates are totally up to date.

Furthermore, ComplyPortal’s features are continuously reviewed and updated to offer you a series of Compliance modules, tailored for each new legislative or regulatory development. As new regulatory challenges arise, Complyportal will assess these roadblocks from a RegTech perspective and find ways to help you as a firm remain compliant.

Adopt Our
Compliance Monitoring
& Learning Solution

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LGCA’s Compliance Learning Solution (CLS)

LGCA’s state-of-the-art CLS provides an easy and user-friendly way to deliver, manage, and track all of your training needs. You will be able to access robust reporting, integrate human resources data, and even enable single sign-on. Plus, you’ll always have one-click access to your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) e-learning courses.

LGCA’s Solution Has Been Created to Facilitate & Monitor Required Compliance eLearning Courses


Ready-Made Course Libraries

LGCA’s FCA, EU, and global regulatory compliance libraries deliver GRC training across key areas such as AML, anti-bribery and corruption, fraud, risk management, data protection, market abuse, international economic sanctions, KYC and CDD, and treating customers fairly, among a host of others. These courses are ready to be used and can be uploaded onto your organisation’s SCORM-supported LMS within 48 hours.

Expert Content

All of LGCA’s content has been prepared by subject matter experts who are actively involved in the financial markets as academics, consultants, lawyers, or service providers. These experts work alongside LGCA’s educational design team to develop courses that are up-to-date, deliver the knowledge and skills required by both clients and regulators, and adapt themselves well to adult learners and their different learning styles. Additionally, all of this content is fully customisable. For instance, you can incorporate slides of your own and edit the standard text to better suit your needs. LGCA believes being flexible will help you offer a stronger, more valuable, and concise learning experience to your team members.

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