Find out how our Documents module can make your compliance management more efficient.

It is becoming increasingly more challenging and time consuming to ensure all your employees are up to date with the latest policies and procedures at the heart of good Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

Organisations often ask employees to sign a policy acknowledgement form that they have reviewed and understood the company’s policies during the onboarding process. However, as policies get updated it is important that you inform employees of any changes and confirm their acknowledgment.

Given today’s hybrid remote work environments, this is more challenging than ever. Time is money and chasing employees in different offices and remote work environments is no mean feat. With the world of financial regulation becoming more digital by the day, tracking acknowledgement through traditional methods like email is increasingly difficult or even impossible given the volume and complexity of business needs today.

With ComplyPortal’s Documents module you can be sure your staff are accessing the latest document versions and you can set each document to be attestable by staff, giving you an easy-to-hand record of who has read what and when.

Read on for more information about how ComplyPortal software makes managing and recording acknowledgements of critical policies and other business Documents much easier.

Who is it for: Compliance Officers and all Staff

Key features:

  • Central repository for policies
  • Control access to documents via permissioned groups
  • Automatically archive previous versions of documents
  • Set Attestation at the document level for employees to acknowledge policy
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Robust audit trail for ease of demonstrating compliance
  • Straightforward layout and operation for ease of use

How it benefits you:

Provide staff with easy and controlled access to company and regulatory policies. Easily accessible, collect attestations, and keep archived record of previous versions and attestations in an organised central repository. This creates a clear and reportable audit trail of policies in place along with attestations records. Making company policies easily accessible helps ensure all staff are up to speed with regulations and what is required of them to create a culture of compliance throughout your whole organisation.

The Compliance Perspective:

“The complexity of regulations and the pace at which they change seems to be constantly increasing which means organisation must ensure that their policies keep track of these changes and are updated, distributed, read, understood and applied by their staff. The trick is ensuring that staff operate from the one true policy source, not from various copies that they have stored on their hard drives or printed and kept in their drawer.

With it being reported that 100% of the FCA final notices issued since 2020 involved criticisms to varying degrees of policies and/or procedures, the headache for organisations, Boards and Compliance Officers just intensifies. However, ComplyPortal’s Document module is here to help.

By putting a system in place that helps each organisation ensure that it has document and version control and by use of the policy attestation function creating the peace of mind necessary for Boards and Compliance Officers alike, that each employee has read, acknowledged and expressed their understanding of those policies. At the same time, comfort can be taken that should it be required to do so, the organisation can readily demonstrate this to an external auditor or regulator.”

Martin Schofield– Director, Financial Crime and Forensics at ComplyPort

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About ComplyPortal:

First developed in 2011 by compliance professionals for compliance officers, ComplyPortal offers workflow, automation, and several modules to help firms with control and regulatory compliance monitoring.

ComplyPortal simplifies financial services regulatory compliance management on an easy-to-use cloud-based comprehensive compliance platform. It enables compliance officers, risk officers and senior management to keep track of their firm’s regulatory responsibilities and workflows. Our platform includes the following modules, among others:

  • Monitoring: a year-round schedule pre-populated with monitoring questionnaires to ease compliance processes.
  • Registers: lists controlled by the Compliance officer, but easy for staff to view.
  • Risk: map and control risk areas to effectively identify and manage risk for your firm.
  • eKYC solution: perform comprehensive searches, including client identity verification, document authenticity, and more for a comprehensive KYC and AML approach